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Cybersecurity Pro 6.11.100 blocks reading of my system's Accessibility Features and Full Disk access in Security and Privacy

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It seems the bug or issue has reared its ugly head again. 


Back in 2018 - a version of Cybersecurity Pro was blocking access to the Accessibility and Full disk Access of Macs around the world.  Yje link is below.

A new behaviour with the new version on my mac (Monterey 12.3.1 (21E258) is doing exactly the same. 

On bootup, all my programs that had previously had access are popping up and asking for access.  The Accessibility and Full disk access panels are empty.  The issue is exactly the same as in 2018.  You can't add programs, change anything in those 2 panels.  When Cybersecurity Pro is uninstalled, all is well.

My screenshots are exactly the same as below.

Can this be looked at ASAP?






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