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Delete my account entirely!


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I don't know how to delete my ESET account entirely! I know I can obviously uninstall, but what about all my personal info and anything else I don't want left behind...can someone please show me or explain to me the process of deletion!??! I contacted their support center but nothing yet! Their C.S. being is the main reason for me leaving them! Anyway, thank you!!

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If you want to exercise your rights granted by GDPR, namely:

  • right to request access to your personal data from ESET,
  • right to rectification of your personal data if inaccurate (You also have the right to have incomplete personal data amended),
  • right to request erasure of your personal data,
  • right to request restriction processing of your personal data, 
  • right to object to processing as well as
  • right to data portability,

please follow the instructions at https://www.eset.com/int/privacy/.

If you want to delete your forum account and anonymize your possible previous posts, send me a private message please. We would also appreciate if you could elaborate more on the issues you've had with customer support so please enclose also the ticket numbers and thus allow us to review the process of solving your ticket(s).

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