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Scanning items loaded into memory without exporting

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Hi all, our team processes large volume of data on a day-to-day basis with a specialised software suite. As part of the process we need to load selected items into memory and run virus scans over the file set. We currently use ClamAV's daemon for this purpose. Does anyone have any experience with doing something similar or know if ESET can achieve this? Thanks

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Just elaborating on what actually needs to happen (apologies can't edit the original post) -

Using our specialist software suite we run a ruby script to call the antivirus program to initiate scanning a set of items selected within the suite. When the antivirus identifies an infected file it reports it back to the script. The script then remove the infected file from our suite and replaces with a placeholder, while the antivirus continues to scan the next items

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Thank you Marcos, very useful to know

Building on that point, am I right in thinking odscan is only available on EEA for Linux, but not Windows? Thanks. The large majority of our machines are Windows

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