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disable detections reports in cloud for specific group(s)


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Hi again,

is there a way to disable for specific groups the reporting of successfully cleaned detections?


Just downloaded an EICAR file and it got caught beautifully. Gave me a desktop notification. And showed up in the detections in ESET Cloud Portal.

While the last is nice in some respect. In the end. It's not really THAT interesting and relevent to know about successfully handled detections. ESET did it's job. All is well in the land of milk and honey... Now failed cleanings..that is another matter...

And as the url is part of the detection notice. It's as well kinda privacy sensitive ( for homeoffice from private computers). 

Is there a way to disable specific group computers successfully cleaned detections showing up in cloud portal?

Or at least remove URL from transmitted information?


thanks in advance

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  • ESET Staff

At this moment, you can´t disable "sending them", you can only "filter them out" by configuring the "detections" screen to show only the ones, that have not been resolved (add filter for "resolved" and uncheck it). That will keep only the ones, that have not been handled / resolved in the view.  But you can´t simply made them disappear. 


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