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Secure Alternative To Whatsapp - Threema


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Because this is also a "Security Forum" I thought this could be a thing you are interested in.

BTW: For a first look you can watch this funny video.




Threema is an instant-messaging-app which sends all data completely end-to-end-encrypted (it uses the NaCL library). The messages, pictures, voice-messages, videos and more are stored on Swiss servers and are deleted if the recipient receives them. Additionally the meta-data is encrypted with a SSL connection to the server.

But anyway the handling is very easy. You can write as easy as you can write with any other messenger.

E.g to add a contact securely you just have to scan his QR-Code - so that man-in-the-middle attacks are impossible, but if you not have time to meet your friend, even other security levels possible.

But - if you want - you can also enable contact synchronisation and you're contacts will added automatically if they added a phone number or email-address. But this is optional!

  • You don't have to add a phone number or your email-address. You can even use Threema anonymously!
  • The phone number and email-adress will be hashed and only submitted through an SSL encrypted connection - but only if you want.
  • They have a clear privacy policy.
  • Even end-to-end-encrypted group chats are possible.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy is used for the connection between the app and the server.




The app is available for:

  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

And this languages are supported:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese-Brazil
  • Russian
  • Polish




Additionally you only have to pay once and there is no need for a yearly subscription (like in WhatsApp). After 3 years you already saved money!* (compared to WhatsApp)


More about Threema on their official website:



Or download it on:


You might also be interested in:

* This may depend on the country where you buy it, what currency you use and how high the prize for Threema and WhatsApp is. You should see this as an approximation.

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Nobody who wants to leave a comment?


Do you like it? Do you already knew it?

Do you use it or do you use another (secure) alternative?

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  • ESET Moderators

I like the idea of this but like other social platforms, it more depends on what platform(s) my contacts use. If I'm the only one using it, that doesn't help me connect to others! Maybe it's just too new.

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Social platform - I would rather call it a messenger, but with the argument that the contacts also have to use it, you are of course fully right.

It is about 1-2 years old, so it isn't such new, but as it is developed in Switzerland it is especially popular in German speaking countries.


But they are trying to expand their usage worldwide and so I posted this.

The simplest thing is to tell your contacts about Threema and ask them whether they would switch. Only if a few want to switch (or want to use it beside the other messenger temporarily) it is it worth to switch.


More news articles:

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A small addition:


If you like to read more about the technically side of Threema is (and you like to read PDFs) then you're right with this PDF:

Threema security assessment by Hristo Dimitrov, Jan Laan and Guido Pineda


They have decompiled Threema and checked how secure it is.

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And here is an official document from Threema which explains in detail how Threema works and especially what cryptography they use and so on...


It was published today, so you are going to be some of the first readers of this document!


Threema uses modern cryptography based on open source components that strike an
optimal balance between security, performance and message size. In this whitepaper,
the algorithms and design decisions behind the cryptography in Threema are explained.


Threema Cryptography Whitepaper



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Thanks for sharing rugK. I will surely test this with friends and family. 

Great. I hope you'll like it.

And if you have any questions (or anything else) feel free to contact me.

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Threema 2.0 for Android and Threema for Windows Phone are out now!


Now more platforms are supported and Android users also have more nice features and a redesigned app (material design now).

For more information click on the link. :D


Maybe you have also heard about the fact that WhatsApp implements end-to-end-encrypted-messages now. Yes, they do this and that's good because many users now get encryption - so interception will get more difficult.

But it's actually only between Android users and it only affects text messages. Additionally the encrypted won't get any updates and - and that's the big difference - encryption is not all.

E.g. WhatsApp still sends the complete address book to Facebook servers, additionally with WhatsApp nearly everybody can discover at what times you're online (even if you set the setting to not display the online status). Like a new study showed you can discover the whole daily routine of a WhatsApp user with this information.

Threema doesn't have such an online state, so you can't do this there.


Additionally WhatsApp recently caused a rumpus, because they added a "readed state" in the form of two blue ticks for every user.
Threema also has this possibility, but it's optional - and it was optional long ago, so you don't have to worry... it is going to remain option!


So unlike other messengers Threema focuses on privacy - and encryption is only one part of this.


See also:

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OffTopic: You wanted to know about telegram? Here it is: A 264 Attack On Telegram, And Why A Super Villain Doesn't Need It To Read Your Telegram Chats.


OnTopic: Threema has recently released a new version (v 2.1) of it's Android and iOS App, which has now a new poll feature.

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