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Problem update Eset server 9.x

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On my active directory server the installation ended badly Server Security (9.012012).

The program is not present in the list of installations and uninstallations. Only Eset management agent is present.

I tried to reinstall it but couldn't.

On the other hand, ESET SEVER Security is functional.

What can I do ?

Thank you

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The logs didn't reveal any problems. Ekrn is running fine and ESET is protecting the server. What you could do is export the configuration, uninstall ESET Server Security, install it from scratch and then import the configuration. The thing is until ESSW v9, EFSW was installed in the "ESET File Security" folder while ESSW installs in the "ESET Security" folder. When installing on top, the folder is preserved but it's a good practice to have the product installed in the default folder.

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