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NordVPN asks if I should trust the Eset SSL Filter CA. Gives thumbprint and Expiration date.

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The  thumbprint is 7ea162b621a856ea3c8d5b568cdd8f51f22c4e73 expiration date 5/2/2023. I would like to verify that this is legitimately Eset. Google returned nothing when I searched this pop up message. Should I be posting in NordVPN forums? 

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1 hour ago, Havokry said:

expiration date 5/2/2023

Is that a typo? The Eset cert. in my Win root CA store has an expiration date of 5/2/2032.

As far as thumbprint verification goes, Eset when installed creates a unique cert. for each installation.

I suspect what NordVPN is objecting to is the cert. is self-signed. Use certmgr.msc and verify that the Eset cert. stored in the Win root CA store thumbprint matches what you posted.

I suspect NordVPN presented this warning: https://support.nordvpn.com/Connectivity/1047409912/Nordvpn-com-is-telling-me-Invalid-security-certificate.htm ? Eset SSL/TLS protocol scanning feature uses its Win root CA store certificate to intercept HTTPS traffic, unencrypt it, and examine it for malware activity. Bottom line - You have to set NordVPN to trust Eset's certificate.

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Thanks for replying. Yeah, I did make a typo. Thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea about the certmgr.msc program until today.  This has solved my post.

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