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Chinese Translation Errors

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I would like to report some errors in Chinese localization. 

1. Incorrect translation of the word "Poland"


The current translation of the country name "Poland" is "波澜" ("waves" in Chinese), but the correct translation is "波兰". In Chinese, these two words have the same pronunciation but have very different meanings.

2. Incorrect reduplicated wording in the LiveGuard notification


As shown in the screenshot, the character "已" is duplicated, and one "已" should be deleted. The correct sentence is "已由 ESET LiveGuard 检测到该威胁".

3. Inaccurate translation of "a variant of ..."


The word "variant" is inaccurately translated as "变量" in the current translation. In Chinese, "变量" means "variable quantity," which is a mathematical concept. In this context, the word "variant" should be translated as "变种", and "A variant of Win32/Kryptik.HPLK trojan" should be translated as "Win32/Kryptik.HPLK 特洛伊木马 的变种".

4. Suggested translation for "Dismiss"


The current translation of "Dismiss" is not wrong, but is not clear and straightforward. "解除", as it is currently translated, means to remove or get rid of something.  As such, I recommend replacing the current translation with the phrase "了解".

Please forward the four suggestions listed above to the localization team for consideration. I have previously submitted a service ticket regarding this issue, but I have yet to hear back from the support team, so I have to post here.

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Please report it via your local ESET distributor. We don't speak Chinese so can't tell what is good or wrong.

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15 hours ago, Marcos said:

Please report it via your local ESET distributor. We don't speak Chinese so can't tell what is good or wrong.

Hi Macros,

Thanks for your reply.

But unfortunately, the ESET distributor in China is not helpful at all. As I said in my post, I created a service ticket for this translation issue months ago, but I haven't heard back yet. 

At the very least, the mistranslation of the country's name "Poland" should be corrected. This is pretty obvious, and you can verify this using the Google Translation.



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We've found the ticket and will escalate it to the Chinese distributor. We apologize for the delay on behalf of the distributor.

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