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ESET Mobile Security is locked

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My device is locked.
At ESET Home, device Samsing SM-A50GT is not appearing and there is no way to me to generate the Unlock Code.
Also If I try to logon using my Password, I receive message Communication failed.
May you please help me to unlock device?
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All available options to unlock a mobile device are described at https://support.eset.com/en/kb2949.

The problem with failed communication is likely caused by no Internet connection or a firewall blocking the communication with ESET's servers. I'd try connecting in a different network if you are positive that there shouldn't be any communication issues.

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Dear Marcos, I believe you didn´t follow or maybe I didn´t explain myself clear enough.

My ESET Mobile Security locked my cell phone out of the blue.

Message says Device is locked due Unknow SIM card inserted.

Facts, I didn´t change my SIM.

When I click UNLOCK:

1-) I insert my ESET Home password, which I know and it returns me Communication Failed (before you ask me, I have already tried in 3 different valid networks)

2-) When I go to Enter unlock code, then it ask me to go to ESET Home portal, log in to my ESET Home account (OK) and then find my locked device (SAMSUNG SM-A505GT)...that´s the problem. My device disappeared and I can´t generate the Unlock Code.

My user name for ESET Home is cmarino79@hotmail.com

Until now I have my cell phone locked due ESET product issue.

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