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ESET Server Security 9.0.12012 for Microsoft Windows Server

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Release date: May 4, 2022

ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server version 9.0.12012.0 has been released and is available to download.


Version 9.0.12012.0

  • NEW: Auto-update - opt-out automatic updates of product to the latest version

  • NEW: Future End User License Agreement amendments and terms variation by notification

  • NEW: Brute-force attack protection against password guessing for RDP and SMB services

  • IMPROVED: Auto-exclusion of MSSQL in non-default location

  • IMPROVED: ESET OneDrive scanner deleted when permissions are not accepted

  • IMPROVED: Improved activation and interactive statuses of ESET LiveGuard Advanced

  • FIXED: Archived files restored after launching on-demand scan

  • FIXED: Automatic exclusion of files when using a DC role with automatic exclusions enabled

  • FIXED: Issues with reporting protection status to ESET Protect

  • FIXED: Inconsistencies when using the GUI with high resolution screens

  • FIXED: GUI does not start when using Terminal mode

  • FIXED: Email notifications missing in ESHELL

  • FIXED: Vulnerability CVE-2022-27167 

Support Resources

Online Help (user guide):

For more information and to download the product, visit the ESET Security for Microsoft Windows Server download page or contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office.

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