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Eset Smart Security & Private Internet Access

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First of all let me just say I love ESET and I have been a user of it for years, I feel like it is by far the best security solution out there for windows.  However, I recently upgraded to the latest version.  (7) I believe?  anyway, I am using it with a service called Private Internet Access.  And as many people know who use VPNs our IPs can change.  For some reason every time my IP changes I have to select whether it is a HOME NETWORK OR A PUBLIC NETWORK.  If I am not at my computer my connection locks up and my data is unable to send/receive.


I looked on a few forums and people said you have to add the private internet access app to a trusted list but I don't see anywhere to do this.  I am hoping someone over at ESET or another user can help me.  It is so annoying to choose the network several times a day.


Thanks in advance!

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