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Eset and Task manager conflict or bug?

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4 minutes ago, czesetfan said:

I hope 1440.1 was not the final solution. Just a quick rollback of the changes for those who haven't managed to update to the problematic module version yet. The promised fix (including the return of counter functionality) will hopefully be out today. We have no comment from Marcos yet on the current status of the workaround.

There will be module 1440.2 which will reset the counters automatically. However, you don't have to wait for it and you can run "lodctr.exe /r" now.

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14 minutes ago, czesetfan said:

I want to wait for the final solution to see if it works. As mentioned above in the discussion it would not be a good idea to manually fix this on multiple computers.

Just out of curiosity, how many computers do you manage? Asking since this issue should concern only home users who don't have more than 5 machines in total.

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2 hours ago, czesetfan said:

Sometimes even one is plenty when it's far away. 🙂

This is correct, imagine the domestic products that I recommend for my customers to buy and use the product. how many have asked me about the problem and if there will be a fix. because the first thing they asked me is if they are experiencing performance loss because the GPU is not working.

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On 5/9/2022 at 6:30 AM, Marcos said:

Internet protection module 1440.2 that restores the counter settings is now on the pre-release update channel with the regular channel to follow in the next days.

Thanks to the ESET Team, the problems were fixed and the GPU worked again, with the correction made.


Another GPU image back.


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