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Why Password manager delete all data when license expires??


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Is not fair when license expire and all data is deleted... When i have new license data can not be restored!!

Thats why i use kaspersky products! Better protection, not heavy on system, many programs can i install as additional like password manager i can download and install separate not like in eset must have premium version.

Also product quality does not match the price!!!

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The password store is preserved for 60 days after license expiration. If you don't plan to renew the license, you can export existing data and import it later to a different password manager for instance.

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Yea but for example i have kaspersky password manager. I can have lower version ( not premium but internet security) and additional i can download program. In Eset must have PREMIUM, if i have internet security then i can do this.

Also i have free kaspersky pasword manager for 15 accounts (if you have for example 3  facebook accounts it is still like 1 acount because FB website) so if you have 100 FB accounts still like 1 account. Also it is saved in online where i can loggin.

Premium version is unlimited.

Eset i used 6 years but since from 2014 i replaced it with kaspersky. From 2014 to 2022 and still using it.
Eset was good but not perfect i like gui etc but protection is simply good nothing more.

And password manager only in premium and price for this SW oh my...

I am proud that is our slovakian product!

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