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SCVHost.exe and other services trying to acces ?

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Hello , before we begin i want to make some things clear !

It is First time i am writing to forums in my life really , MY english isn't the best and my laptop is .. worse : D its quite old i know , but can't afford anything else at this moment
So my Laptop , started slowing down ( more than usually ) ,  i dont say its great but it runs me what i need (i tend to play Poker , LoL , and browsing ) nothing more really ! i've used windows restore , factory reset etc maybe around 5-6 times already :D , yet it dosen't help and some of the stuff i suspect don't rly get removed..
Ehh I Sys scanner everytime my laptop starts (i have logs for everyday from the past month ) , i.. notice some changes but who am i to judge , when i start looking into it , i tend to make the problem worse : D ! Yo maybe im overreacting , my its something !

Also worth to mention that HIPS went nuts the past 5 days ( 50,000  logged actions about svchost , and other stuff trying to access eset files

i will uppload the log , sysinspect logs


(Those .dll files 42 total , are in many of my folders where my stuff is installed , same .dll files in the LoL folder , same in Pokerstars, same in Bwinpoker its very suspicious to me but ? have scan em multiple times , only 1-2 of em max show ehh that they are malware (1-2 out of 74 antirivuses)  eset detects nothing yet ! )


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Forgot about this , every day it wants me update those same 3 stuff.. I've updated it many times , even 2-3 times per day the same things.. Conexant im not installing anymore, it is for sound i think , and when i install it i never have sound .. (Sometimes updates contain graphic card updates , ehh , when i update them game start fps dropping every 10 sec , freezing my screen etc , im assuming thats a laptop issue tho , still gonna mention it if it can help us out here..)
ESET Version i'm currently using :

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Ehh i uploaded logs here like 10 of them for each day , i think set log collector is sending automaticly to you aswell ? or i might be wrong ( Even if my  system is infected , i couldnt care less i have nothing anyone can take from me :D Its funny and sad at the same time.. ) I'm just .. curious love that stuff Soo do the logs that i upload here do the job or ?

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I'm sorry i tought i upload them earlier in the post here they are again! : (5 or 6 days of logs i think , i got more if need!)


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Please disable logging of blocked operations in the advanced HIPS setup which is unnecessarily filling the HIPS log.

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