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Vulnerabilites ESET Protect Server

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Hello all,

I'm currently trying to harden the ESET Protect server to meet the IT-Security requirements of our company. I tried to close vulnerabilies using your KBs, but I wasn't able to fix all.

For the Scans I use Nessus and NMAP, that's what i should mention before.

- HSTS: I've edited the web.xml file with the following lines as suggested in KB6746. It won't apply. Is there something I'm missing?

- Mulitple issues with Apache 2.4.52 from the AIO-paket. Is there a fix planned or will you replace Apache with the newer version in der AIO?

- HTTP Trace / Track Methods allowed. There is already such question in the Forum. This topic doesn'T seemed solved yet so I'm not sure 

- OpenSSL 1.1.1 < 1.1.1(m,n) Vulnerabilities

Thank you for the support in advance!



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