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Website Blocking In Endpoint Anti Virus V9

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Guest JCE234


We run EXET Anti Virus V9 on all our machines at the office.

We are wanting to disable all web site browsing on one machine apart from one website.

Basically we are wanting to have this machine so that staff who do not have access to a PC can use this to access just one website for training but will not be able to access any other sites.

I have looked at the settings in web access url address management to put in a block wildcard and allow the 1 site but it seems to be hit and miss as to which sites it blocks.

Am I missing something.

Many thanks for your time.

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You can use URL management to accomplish this.

Block all websites as follows, with logging severity set to None:


Then you can add the desired websites to the Allowed url list.

Note that any content loaded from other than allowed urls will be blocked too.

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