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randon ssl errors firefox

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The problem only manifested itself after it updated to firefox 99. The ssl error messages are random in nature and refreshing the page cures it.

I reset firefox to default and still the issue occurred. Since turning off ssl in Eset the errors have now gone. I have no issues with other pc's running eset and the same build of firefox. I haven't seen it in other browsers but i don't use them very often.

Eset hasn't logged any errors although there is a schannel error A fatal error occurred while creating a TLS client credential. The internal error state is 10013


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I'd recommend opening a support ticket for further troubleshooting. ESET doesn't use Schannel for SSL filtering.

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Looks like the registry fix for .net4 has fixed both issues. SSl re-enabled and no more errors in regards to schannel. No more so far ssl errors when loading web pages.

Time will tell if the web browsing is fully fixed or not I may have been lucky.

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ahh well spoke too soon random ssl errors are back again. At least the schannel error seems to be fixed. I've now disabled ssl filtering in eset again.

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