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ESET Node32 afects an assembly compiler.

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Guest Ramon

I am an assembler programmer and I use assembler compiler like Masm, GoAsm, PoAsm or UAsm. ESET Node32 makes GoAsm.exe to fail. No other antivirus (Windows Defender, Avast, Webroot) causes this issue. The GoAsm compiler is available here: hxxp://www.godevtool.com/GoasmBeta.zip. ESET Node32 does not detect any virus in GoAsm.exe, but when you try to compile GpAsm.exe fires an error. Uninstalling ESET solves the problem.


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Unfortunately you have posted in the Quick questions forum. Please sign up for the forum, re-post in the appropriate product subforum and provide also logs collected with ESET Log Collector. Include information if temporarily pausing real-time protection or disabling any other protection feature makes a difference. Also elaborate more on "ESET NOD32 makes GoAsm.exe to fail".

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