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Activation Question

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Hi there,

On 3 different PCs have installed EIS, some days ago had to renew, hence bought a "3 devices 1 year" key, for EIS which is basically a key that works on 3 different devices (as you already know).

I need to restore from an image one of the PCs where I applied the new key to a previous state (currently having some hardware issues that need to solve).

So by applying the new key again to the same PC, could that affect either that EIS activation or the activation of other PCs, as ESET could take that like if I'd be cheating?

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Actually purchasing a renewal is seamless, the license key remains same unless you purchase a new license. The scenario mentioned is ok as long as you have ESET installed on as many machines as covered by the license. Even a small temporary overuse would be ok if the license permits it.

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Thanks for your reply.

The doubt was because once the PC that'll be recovered from the image will be taken to a earlier state where a previous version of EIS was installed. So the new key will need to have reentered, and EIS "reactivated" using the same key again.


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