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Dynamic groups based on missing software?

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first - dynamic groups are great. It helped me autoupdate one critical and trick software.

I would like to use them to deploy a different software. My idea is that I would have a scheduled task running cmd command applied to a dynamic group. This group should only consists of computers which does not have this software installed, so that this list should keep getting smaller and smaller.

Is there an option to have dynamic group membership based on missing installed application?

As a side note, is there an option do filter computers in dynamic group based on display name/computer name, so that all computers containing *pc* would get listed only?

Thank you!

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Hi Marcos,

Identifier Type & Value worked for me, but not Installed Software as shown above, because it still showed computer with said application installed due to scanning all applications and as long as one of them does not contain "ESET" string, it gets included in the group.

What worked for me what using NOR operator here:


If ESET Agent find the program installed, the computer is removed from the group. However, I can't combine this with Device Indentifiers, since Identifier Type and Value are two separate rules and having NOR operator applied to both of them would not work.

Thank you for you suggestions,



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The problem with this is that computers which have not been scanned (i.e. software list is empty) will also be included.
Currently I'm trying to find a way to exclude them, like adding a NOR rule with "CPU is n/d" but it seems not to be working.

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