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STOP constant eset pop-ups every time I open an e-mail or visit a website

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Guest DeborahinLA

The eset pop-up is driving me insane:

                "Network Threat Detected: ARP cache poisoning attack. A computer on the network is sending malicious traffic . . . The threat was                                  blocked."

And because the pop-up is so faint (light blue), it's hard to find the little X to close it. Yet it covers up some functionality so it has to be manually closed each time. How can I get it to just do what it is supposed to do without notifying me every 30 seconds?

Thank you. 

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Most likely you have multiple network adapters with the same IP assigned in your network. Please sign up for the forum and re-post in the appropriate product subforum and enclose logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

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