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Time Restrictions just ...not working

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Hello all,

I have setup ESET parental control on my daughter's device. After trying a few parental control apps, even pricey one, ESET's seemed pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, one feature, that is critical for me at this point, doesn't work, or doesn't work the way I expected.

The "Time Restrictions" schedule, which, as I understand, is meant to prevent the child from using time-limited applications at certain times of the day, does not seem to work at all. I have verified that the applications can be used at any time of the day. Using those applications decrements the usage budget as if there was no time restriction in place.

Did I understand this feature well? Or is this behaviour not expected? In the first case, it would mean I can't use ESET Parental Control. In the latter case, I would like how to understand how to limit the use of some applications at certain time of the day.

I would very much like ESET to suit me. That's why I'm trying this forum instead of just trying another app. I've already tried enough things already and I'm sick of it.

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It should work as you expect. Please open a support ticket through the built-in form and let the log to be submitted for perusal.

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I just filed a bug report about this. I hope this will get fixed quickly because, if not, I will unfortunately have to investigate other Parental Control applications and I will adopt the first one that fits my needs.

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