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ESET on-prom - Put Clients into task with ip address


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is it possible to put Clients into the task to be installed with Agent and Endpointsoftware -using ip address instead of PC name?

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Can you please be more specific?  With regards to installation options you can either: 

- create all in one installer, that combines agent + endpoint (.exe) that you can either run manually on each computer, or use any 3rd party software that is able to push software. AIO installer can be pushed using "remote deployment tool", that is able to target machines also using IP address if I am not mistaken https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/90/en-US/?fs_agent_deploy_remote.html

- create a agent only batch script, that you can as well deploy using a standard 3rd party software like SCCM / GPO 


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