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Where is Eset in the AV-TEST test?

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5 minutes ago, Mr_Frog said:

Off course not 😁, if so they are will fight each other haha.

I have 21 Computers (Include PC and Laptop) in my environment/small office:

* 1 Computer installed McAfee

* 1 Computer installed Kaspersky Internet Security

* 10 Computers installed ESET Internet Security

* 9 Computers installed ESET Endpoint Security

That is what i mean 😁.

Control them all through ESET Protect and ditch the other AVs or you can keep one vendor as secondary scanner(not real-time) that would make your life easier I think.

ESET and Kaspersky both of them have a great detection/protection rate and good reputation between AVs companies/users

McAfee is just painful software.

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11 hours ago, total said:

You have to trust somebody or something , other than the AV producer , which will claim that its AV is the best thing since sliced bread.

Look at Defender: silent, modest, free, yet 99.9-100% detection in any test in the last 3-4 years. What it is not to like????

The thing is nowadays anyone can put together a website and put whatever they want on it. You need to do some research before putting any trust in anything you see posted on the web. If the review sites income comes primarily from the anti virus vendors themselves then do you think they will post a bad review? No because if they do the anti virus companies will see this as damaging to their brand and stop paying for their products to be tested.

This is the reason some review sites have a disclaimer that this user received the product free of charge. That way you can see if a product is actually good or not if there is a lot of bad reviews mixed in with good.

As for defender it isn't a revenue generator so you can't expect it to be as well maintained as a company who's whole business relies on that one product.   

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On 4/7/2022 at 4:07 PM, Nightowl said:

McAfee is just painful software.

Haha thats the reason why only 1 we decided to use even we have 50.

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On 4/27/2022 at 4:05 PM, New_Style_xd said:

ESET for MOBILE has not been tested by AV-TEST.

@New_Style_xd   Also not tested in AV comparatives...

And pc version is behind other many years..

So here is progress...and comparison as you can see kaspersky is stable on the TOP. Eset is not so reliable. Best years for eset already was.


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Dont worry i change it back to kaspersky soon 🙂 just i try after 8 years with kaspersky. 

Really 65usd against 46usd currently per one year for kaspersky with better protection.... Kaspersky double wins. 

Also they have a brilliant technology vpn also eset does not have, also password manager free version separate program synchronized online. 

If you not give a chance kaspersky at least for test then you dont know about this av. 

Kaspersky have stabil tests eset is up then down and down now uptrend bit atih behind most polular, and what is shockig that Microsoft defender is better than eset (defender is for free). 

Price eset 65usd per year no comment rather. 


Eset is good only in these false positives is super 👌 light on system maybe... Latest tests says that no. Updates are small and fast thats good 👍 

Detection is good but not perfect like other... Also i am worry about ransomware detection by eset is not so good like others... Many people have been infected but i dont have any experience with ransomware and eset or other av so my luck 🙂hah

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On 4/4/2022 at 10:32 AM, Marcos said:

ESET does not detect simulators in principle since it does not tell anything about protection against actual malware

When "The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety" simulate a crash and an airbag did not deploy because was just "a simulation" , do you think this would be an acceptable answer?????

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