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Small Interface "glitch" With Popup


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I noticed a funny glitch in ESS v7 and BETA 8. And I assume that it also happens in NOD32.


So here is a small way how you can reproduce this:

  1. Open the ESS main window.
  2. Now you have to produce a popup. A simple way to do this is to do as I describe in this points:
    1. Click on "Scan computer" and "custom scan".
    2. Make a scan that will run quickly. I would e.g. suggest to scan the operation memory, because usually this is quite fast.
    3. Now click scan and you will see a scan result some seconds later. You will also see this in a popup (usually at the bottom right)
  3. Now before the popup disappears minimize or close the main GUI (not the popup).
    You will see that the popup also disappears and this is the error.
  4. You can reopen the main window now and you'll see the popup again now.

So there is the error. And yes I know it's really small, but it is an error... :)

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We know, this is by design : )

And why is this by design? Has this any useful use?

I mean wouldn't it be more useful to display the notification regardless in which stet the main GUI is, so that the notification only is invisible anymore if you close it or it will "fade out" itself?

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