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trying to renew license but website shows "This site can’t be reached"

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oh and i manage to solve the 

www.eset.com.ph’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.



by changing the DNS from Quad9 to Google



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two of my reply post are deleted?


ive solved the problem of DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

by changing DNS from quad9 to google

as for the question
ive clicked the renew license link on my eset security software 
it sent me here https://go.eset.com/RenewService?license=EAV-0292987262&inProdCode=140&inProdLng=en-us&publicId=3AM-HHV-NRP&partnerId=40&licProdCode=140&licenseKeySuffix=2MBB&linkreference=3&guireferrer=6

then it got redirected to this https://www.eset.com.ph/renewal?license=EAV-0292987262&guireferrer=6&linkreference=3

ive also went to https://www.eset.com/ph/  , scrolled down and clicked the renew button and it sent me to this https://www.eset.com.ph/renewal

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im trying to pay but it keeps failing? is debit not accepted? other payment options like Paymaya or GCash because these are the most popular online payment options in PH

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