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ESET INSPECT version 1.7.1978 has been released

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Release Date: March 29, 2022

ESET Enterprise Inspector 1.7.1978.0 has been released.
The installer is now available for download from the download page.


Version 1.7.1978.0

  • ADDED: Linux support - EI Connector available for multiple major Linux distributions

  • Response/Remediation improvements

    • Improved Response/Remediation menu in Detection Details view

    • Ability to add Response/Remediation actions to Detection Rules via graphical interface

    • Ability to add "Kill Process" response action to Rules

      Terminal (remote PowerShell) limited to 2FA enabled users

  • UI improvements

    • Improved Automatic Exclusions UI (Questions view)

    • Tagging of actions done by ESET Services Representatives

    • Removal of inconsistencies between ESET PROTECT and Inspect

    • Hint (tooltip) for Trigger Event column

    • Unification of visibility for user created objects (Searches, Tasks, Incidents)

    • Improved visibility of Incident description

    • Onboarding Wizard/Product Tour

  • Database improvements

    • Ability to invoke database purge on demand (on-prem only)


Known Issues:


Support Resources:

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