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Reports in ESET Protect server - can't select items


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Why is it when you select an item to add a column when creating a report, suddenly this then limits what additional items you can add to the report?

For example, I want to create a report for hardware inventory.

So I add Computer Name. So far so good.

I then add Manufacturer. 

I then want to add Model, but already I've been reduced to a very small subset of items, and Model is no longer available.

So I can't add model, processor, memory, hard drive, firmware details, driver details, etc...

I basically want to create a report that exports everything on the Computer Details / Basic and Hardware TABs but ESET Protect doesn't let me do this.

Same applies for other reports I want to run. I have weekly reports for all my customers with different information but I have to separate these reports into half a dozen different reports as I can't select everything I want in one or two reports.

This has been a problem for a long time. Can it be fixed please?

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This is on ESET Protect Server v8.0.1238.0, but has been an issue since at least early v7.

Running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

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  • ESET Staff


This is related to the internal "relations" in the PROTECT Database. Simply, not all fields could be linked together, as they do not have any common parameter. We are able to sometimes address this, but it will never be possible to have everything paired with everything.  Most of the competition handles is in the way, that "custom report builder" is not even available, and they just offer you "out of the box" set of reports. 

It will be interesting if you would explicitly write what kind of report you would like to build, and we can take a look, whether we can do something about it. 

AFAIK, in ESET PROTECT V9, we have added a "unified HW inventory report", that looks like this: 


HW inventory.jpg

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58 minutes ago, MichalJ said:

Most of the competition handles is in the way, that "custom report builder" is not even available, and they just offer you "out of the box" set of reports. 


Yes but that's why we don't sell or support the competition ;)

Following is a list of what I'd like to be able to export to csv to then import in Excel. Or if there was a way to export the Details \ Basic and Details \ Hardware pages for each computer as this has all these details. There must be a way to bring this together since it's brought together in the gui?

Serial number    
Computer name    
Computer workgroup    
OS Version    
OS Name    
OS Service Pack    
OS Platform    
Serial number    
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version    
Firmware version    
CPU Description    
RAM Total
Storage / Description    

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Same need with us.

Actually we use this report to verify that all applications and software packages are up-to-date regarding security:

- Computer . Computer Name

- Installed software . Application name.

- Installed software . Application version.


We want to add "Computer . Last connected", but this is incompatible with "installed software."

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