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Deployment of agend ends every time with "packet no longer valid, has to be replaced".


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First time installation of ESET PROTECT Advanced Cloud. I´ve been through the first steps, but i can not connect my Active Directory with the cloud. I can not add a group, i can not add a computer. I don´t know what to do now. Does anyone has a tip for me, how to start?

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Message is in german, translation:

This installer is not valid anymore and has to be replaced. Please create a new installer or contact your administrator to install this product.

This was tried on a Windows Server 2016 Essentials x64.

I managed to create a GPO installation which in turn enabled me to download the "agent_x64.msi".
That program only installs the agent, but it worked.

I created a policy to deploy the agent in the network.


Today i will try to install the live installer on a client (Win7 and Win10).


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I assume that generating a new all-in-one installer with Endpoint included would have worked too since it was probably an issue with RDS detection already fixed towards 2021.  As for installation via GPO, deploy only agent via GPO. Installing Endpoint via GPO could cause issues with future updates to a newer version. With agent already deployed on clients, you can use a software install task to install Endpoint.

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