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Can you replace the ESET SSL Filter Certificate with custom for traffic decryption?

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Hi there, 


Using ESET Protect Server v9 with Remote Management Agent and Endpoint Antivirus, web traffic is secured with ESET SSL Filter CA.

On our firewall we are trying to decrypt traffic by applying a custom certificate issued by our firewall and applied to our devices via GPO, however certain sites are still having the ESET SSL filter applied. Turning web protection off solves this problem, but leaves our users vulnerable when not on our network. Is there a way to add our custom firewall SSL decryption certificate to ESET to use without turning off web protection completely and when our users are off-site?


Can a custom SSL certificate be applied to web protection using ESET server to clients?

If so, does this permanently override the ESET built in SSL filter?

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I would strongly recommend keeping SSL filtering enabled in ESET. I dare to doubt that the appliance you use has more effective threat detection capabilities than ESET. That said, disabling SSL filtering would most likely cause your machines more vulnerable even in your network.

As long as the SSL communication coming from the appliance performing SSL inspection is trusted, there should be no problem to scan it by ESET too.

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Hi Marcos, 


I 100% agree with you, I dont want to disable web protection. What I wanted to know is if there is a way to use our own SSL certificate in conjunction with ESET SSL filtering using remote administrator?


Kind regards


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