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Download Legacy License File?

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Trying to download legacy license file via the Eset business account....gives me an error when i click download...how can i get a legacy license file to use for a short period of time on my older products while i am transitioning over to latest AV versions?

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When i click on Download legacy license...it goes to


Application error

Something went wrong, please try again later or contact support.
I need 2 license files..one for AV endpoint and other for WIndows file server...need to load in to my ERA 5.2 console...
I have 6 endpoints (mostly servers) that i am retiring in the next few weeks...that i dont want to mess around with uninstalling and reinstalling new version....my license expires 3/22/2022....i realize that definitions stopped months ago but i am afraid if the license expires....i will lose more functionality...such as access to ERA server or the endpoint just outright quit realtime
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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @slarkins,

you mentioned ERA 5.2 so I assume the endpoints to be managed are of generation 5 too, those are already in End of life https://support.eset.com/en/kb3592-is-my-eset-product-supported-eset-end-of-life-policy-business-products

To be honest, I'm not sure if those legacy license files are even being generated by the licensing system.

If I recall correctly ERA 5 can manage 2 endpoints / servers without the license.


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  • ESET Staff


Hello, license files are still being generated. Can you please share the information about: 

  • Your public license ID 
  • Which product you are trying to generate "legacy license file" for? 

You need it only for the following products: 

  • ESET Remote Administrator - file "unlocks" capability to manage clients remotely 
  • ESET Mail Security (exchange / domino)- file unlocks "mail protection" and carries information about how many mailboxes you can protect 
  • ESET File Security - it unlocks "mirror" functionality, otherwise it is not needed 

For any other purpose, you just need "username and password" which you should be able to display, via EBA


EBA legacy.jpg

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