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Eset32 Antivirus + Smart Security Blocks All Downloads Of Our Software From Server

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I'm creating this thread here because my email sent to samples@eset.com was not answered after 10 days.


Eset32 Antivirus + Smart security blocks ALL downloads of our software from outertech.com server. This behavior did not exists 2 weeks ago.

The downloads of the same files work fine if downloaded from any other site, for example:



basically all download links on this page:


are blocked if they point to hxxp://download.outertech.com, but are allowed if they point to hxxp://www.outertech.de/files/ mirror

This is new behavior, not seen before in Nod32.

The files itself come clean in Nod32, see:



The actual download process works, only after download the files are quarantined. If moved back from quarantine and manually checked with eset, the files are reported as clean.

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The website was blocked because of serving various malware recently. You have received a reply that the website will be unblocked in the next update.

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