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How to get rid of spam backlinks

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Good day. I have an ecommerce site www.tenthsports.co.za and I am working to rank it on Google but for few days some competitor is building spam backlinks to my website which surely affecting my site badly. How to get rid of this ? Is there a way to know who is building spam links?

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1 hour ago, alfredpalmer said:

How to get rid of this ?


As far as prevention goes:


Preventing Bad Backlinks

So how do you prevent bad backlinks from being associated with your website in the first place? Some precautions are easy to take. Don’t ever buy links, and be careful where you agree to have backlinks placed. As sites improve their placement in the SERPs, others take notice of this, and they will contact you asking for a link and offering one in return.

This is where you need to proceed with extreme caution. Check out the website – including its Domain Score – and determine whether 1) it makes sense and 2) if the site is a reputable one. Only if this is the case should you proceed.

As for preventing spam backlinks placed as part of a negative SEO campaign, there is, sadly, no super shield that can keep them at bay. However, a regular link audit – along perhaps with the implementation of a link monitoring tool like Linkody and other Monitor Backlinks will help you catch any spam backlinks placed by others fast so you can deal with them right away.

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