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Sever is unmanaged

Mark Dagley

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Hi I installed ESET on a windows server 2019 and the server is show in the portal as being unmanaged, I assume this is because the agent is not installed but I can't work out how to install the agent as the only link i found seems to install an onprem version of the agent. 


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  • ESET Staff


I am bit confused by the situation you have described. As you should not see "unmanaged" device in ESET PROTECT Cloud.  Only place where you can see it like that, is ESET Business Account, where you see the seat consuming a license. 

Agent for "cloud" needs to be downloaded from the PROTECT Cloud instance. 

If you want to install "server" from "ESET PROTECT Cloud", you should proceed the following: 

  1. Open quick links and choose "protect - windows device" 
  2. Click on "customize installer" 
  3. Navigate to "product setup" and choose "Server security for Windows Server" 
  4. Finish and Download installer 

The package contains both the security product, and the management agent, which if having internet access will connect to ESET PROTECT Cloud. 

Alternatively, you can just deselect the security product, and download the "agent only" installer.  You simply deselect the "security product option". 1 quick links windows devices.jpg2 customize installer.jpg3 product setup windows server.jpg4 download installer.jpg5 Agent only installer.jpg

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Thanks, the issue must have been the way I installed it, I had not noticed that you can change the product when cratering the live installer it seems to be working now.


also the device was showing in the business account as unmanaged not protect 


I can see the agent is now installed 

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