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How do I detect and combat Microsoft office files and Microsoft 365 file that has malicious MACROS?


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Hi experts,

We currently have the ESET PROTECT Cloud with a feet of 165+ endpoints, running endpoint security a mix of desktop and laptops, all Windows 10 devices. We also have OneDrive for business and SharePoint via a Microsoft 365 tenant.


What's a good ESET product or policy I can utilize to detect and protect my endpoints and cloud infrastructure (OneDrive & SharePoint) from potential threats mainly from Microsoft office software/files or  Microsoft 365 files that has bad/malicious MACROS?

Thank you all in advance.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, in this case, I would go for "ESET PROTECT Complete". That one allows you to use the following modules / components: 

  1. ESET PROTECT Cloud Console
  2. ESET Endpoints for all platforms (including mobiles)
  3. ESET Full Disk Encryption 
  4. ESET Dynamic Threat Defense (Advanced, cloud based Threat Defense platform)
  5. ESET Cloud Office Security (securing Exchange Online, One Drive, SharePoint) 

More details could be found here: https://www.eset.com/nz/business/complete-protection-bundle/ 

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