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how to join two computers groups to Dynamic Group Template


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I have this situation. It is 6 computer groups in active directory. Their naming rules are like:

I want to create a dynamic group for computers group with names computername-a.domain.com and computername-ba.domain.com and only for those computers, which i need to restart. So I need OR and AND condition in one template (see in picture). It is possible to create it?



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not corect computer naming rule
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  • ESET Staff

It should be possible to do such a group, but I would recommend to split it into two separate ones:

  1. one matching devices with requested name. Just be aware you won't be able to use one "field" multiple times in a template definitions, so instead of "contains" filter type, you will have to use something that lets you to define naming convention in one filter - i.e. either "regex" of "one of" filter types. There are multiple alternatives of "fields" to be used, for example there is also "Device identifiers" category which offers various device identifying properties.
  2. second matching devices requiring restart. In this case, just be aware different product versions or even product types might report different functionality status, so you will have to list all of them - easiest is to check what are devices actually reporting and use it in a filter.

Once such separate groups are created and it is verified they do work as expected, you can achieve "and" of those conditions by nesting dynamic groups.

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