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Better solution for the workaround (Topic 2020) with the Outlook PlugIn and EML files

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Is there perhaps a slightly better solution that *.eml files are not automatically moved to the inbox after opening in the file system?
Even if we change all systems (SAP...) not to generate eml but msg files, there are still thousands of data which cannot be changed.

What risk exists in 2022 if the "E-MAILS TO BE SCANNED" - "Read e-mails" function is deactivated as a workaround?
Files of type msg are also not copied to the inbox.

Many thanks for the help!

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Hello Marcos, 

yes, the workaround works, but due to the current threat situation, I don't have a good feeling about deactivating such functions.
A threat would certainly still be recognized and eliminated, or?
What is the advantage of this function?

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There is no other workaround. However, even with scanning of read email disabled email will be scanned upon receipt or opening the attachment (real-time protection). A new Outlook plug-in that is being worked on should ultimately resolve issues like this.

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Hello @Michael Heinrich

the new Outlook plugin designed to resolve issues reported is available in BETA, details are available at https://forum.eset.com/topic/31777-new-outlook-plugin-beta/


If possible can you please try how it behaves with it and let us know?

Thank you, Peter

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