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Web Access Protection / URL Address Management - Unable to block any sites


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Hi all,

I'm unable to get site blocking to work. As far as I can tell all relevant settings are enabled. I did have the blocking working in the past and as far as I'm aware neither myself or anyone else has changed any settings, beyond the 'List Active' switch. 

Any ideas? Thanks!









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20 minutes ago, Marcos said:

*/*.exe worked for me and blocked the download from https://d3.7-zip.org/a/7z2107-x64.exe.

Yeah that has worked for me in the past, but not anymore.

I can even block a website by entering its URL into the list. No idea what's going on!

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Just now, Marcos said:

Do you mean that the file is downloaded after clicking the url in my post? Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector from the machine.

Yeah, any URL I've tested (including the one you provided) will just start the download.

I'll run the log collector and get back to you!

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