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I have some Android Devices / tablets, and i do create some policies on "ESET Endpoint Security for Android (2+)", but im wondering if need to create a policy and manage it in "ESET Mobile Device Connector"?

Can someone explain to me what is "ESET Mobile Device Connector" and what it stands for?

Thanks in advance.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, Mobile Device Connector is the ESET PROTECT component, that basically handles the communication between the PROTECT server and the endpoint devices. So in order to manage mobile devices, you first need to install the "mobile device connector", as only afterwards, you will be able to enroll mobile devices. 

Please note, that you can also manage mobile devices via ESET PROTECT Cloud, where this component is no longer required, as there is a cloud service maintained by ESET that handles the communication. Plus, also the enrollment / overall experience is a lot smoother / simpler. 

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