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Mirror Tool - advanced filtering


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is any possible way to download via MirrorTool (or other tool) only update of virus signature database to EP9? Amount of data which i`m moving to my offline server is too big (1,4 Gb for just ep9). Maybe it`s another possibility to move just files connected with vsd?


Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Please provide the following information:
1, What command-line syntax are you currently using?
2, What ESET products and versions do you plan to update from the mirror?
3, Would it be ok if the mirror tool downloaded less data at the cost of clients downloading bigger files from the mirror?
4, Wouldn't it be possible to use an http proxy to cache update files instead of using the mirror?

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1. I`m using this commands

 C:\mirror\MirrorTool.exe ^
--mirrorType regular ^
--offlineLicenseFilename "c:\mirror\ESET W10.lf" ^
--intermediateUpdateDirectory c:\temp\repoTemp ^
--outputDirectory c:\mirror\repository2 ^
--excludedProducts ep6 ep7 ep8 era6 ep4 ep5 ^

--filterFilePath filter.txt

and also filter

se_legacy": false,

"defaults": {

"languages": [ "pl_PL" ],

"platforms": [ "x64" ],
"os_types": ["windows"]


"products": [


"app_id": "com.eset.apps.business.ees.windows",

"version": "9.0.2032.6"

2. Just ep9 9.0.2032.6

3. Hmm, the biggest problem is with moving files to clients. I`d like to send`em only most important files (viruses database) and for example monthly full update. I`m looking for way like Mcafee, where is supporting downloadind only dat files (like vsd) its only ~200 Mb.

4. It`s possible to download only newest updates and distribute them via flash to other devices?


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Use also the --mirrorOnlyLevelUpdates parameter. The size of the mirror will be about 450 MB then.

However, if the machines are in a network in which at least one machine has Internet access, we recommend using an http proxy instead. It would ensure that only update files actually needed by clients will be downloaded and cached. Plus the endpoints would take advantage of streamed (pico) updates which are not available when using a mirror.

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