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Migrating from ELA to EBA - going round in circles!

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Trying to tidy up my ESET admin and wanting to migrate an ELA to a new EBA, but getting nowhere.

What password am I supposed to use when it asks for the licence owner password?


I've tried my ELA Secure Admin password - failed.

The 10-character password associated with the product licence - failed. 





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  • ESET Staff


When you have ordered a license / added license to ELA Security Admin, you needed two things: 

  • License key (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). 
  • ELA password (password e-mailed to you upon adding your license to ESET License Administrator). - this one is required also when you try to authenticate as "License Owner", by your license key.  By default, your "ELA email" address is the same one, your license is registered to, upon purchase. 

You can contact ESET, and we will resend you the relevant credentials / adjust the ELA email, so you can get the code by yourself. 

ELA email.jpg

ELA reset password.jpg

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  • Solution

Got this from ESET Support. Worked for me. Might help others:

  • please go to ela.eset.com and enter your 20-character license key (disregarding the email address and password boxes) and click 'manage license'
  • at this point, an alert saying that a password reset link has been sent should appear, if it prompts for a password, please click the forgotten password link
  • from the email link, please set a new password for your license
  • please then go to eba.eset.com and once logged in, please add your license (hxxps://help.eset.com/eba/en-US/index.html?import-licenses.html) using the license key and password you created earlier in these steps
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