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ESET Parental Control does not work when used ultrasaving battery regime - continuous malfunction

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My son had Huawei phone. He was able to avoid parental control when used battery saving (I knew about it because in 3 days I resceived message that he did not use the phone for more than 3 days). I decided not to solve it as I expected it is something special between Eset and Huawei.

Just now my son got new Xiaomi, I installed parental control and again - he is able to play the games all the time and if I ask answer is the same - it is enough to switch on ultrasaving battery regime.

What is wrong?

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Perhaps it's possible to create an exception for the Parental Control in the Ultrapower-saving mode setup to prevent it from being killed. I'd recommend opening a support ticket via the built-in for and let logs to be submitted so that customer care receives information about your phone and can respond accurately.

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