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How can I get rid of Foodme virus?

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My Windows 10 desktop has been infected with the "foodme" virus, which causes persistent malicious pop-ups that obscure part of the screen.  Running a complete scan in NOD 32 results in a clean report, yet the virus persists.  How can I get rid of that, and why doesn't NOD 32 even detect it? 

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It sounds like you are getting unwanted notifications (popups) from your web browser.  This is not a virus or malware, but rather annoying websites abusing the popup notification feature in your web browser.  Here's how to disable them in  various web browsers:

Google Chrome (Version 96+)
Go to chrome://settings/content/notifications into the address bar to open the Notifications settings page in Google Chrome. Remove all non-google.com domains from the Allow section. Toggle the Don't allow sites to send notifications option to on.

Instructions for Version 88 and older: Select Settings → Advanced → Site Settings → Notifications from the main menu, and change Ask before sending (recommended) to Blocked.

Mozilla Firefox
Select Tools → Settings → Privacy & Security from the main menu, scroll down to Permissions → Notifications, select Settings, click on Remove all websites and then check (select) Block new requests asking to allow notifications and click on the Save Changes button.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
does not support notifications

Microsoft Edge (legacy version)
Open the Windows Settings app (not Edge's) and go to System → Notifications & Actions, scroll down to Notifications, and set Get notifications from apps and other senders to Off.

Microsoft Edge (Chrome-based, Version 91+)
Go to edge://settings/content/notifications in the address bar and disable Ask before sending (recommended). If there are any entries in the Allow section, click on the ⋯ menu and select Remove for each one.

Web browsers may move these options around over time as new versions come out.  So, if these do not work, let us know with which web browser and its version, and we can try to find out more for you.


Aryeh Goretsky

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