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"Website certificate is revoked" message when the certificate is not expired?

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Guest SHC-2IC



I'm a user of ESET Internet Security on Windows 10.


Today, I encountered a problem accessing a website that use frequently.

I received the following message on my browser when I accessed the website:


Website certificate revoked.

The certificate used by this server has been marked as untrustworthy and the connection is not safe.

Try connecting again later or from a different internet connection.

Access to it has been blocked.


This is strange because I accessed the website this morning without problems, and in the afternoon, I got this message.


I confirmed with others using the website that they're able to access the website, no problem.

I also checked that the website is not using an expired/revoked certificate, via this page (https://verify-letsencryptr3.dnsimple.tools/).


ESET Knwoledgebase hasn't been particularly helpful, stating this issue can't be solved by ESET (Source: https://support.eset.com/en/kb6258-website-certificate-is-revoked-is-displayed-when-visiting-legitimate-web-pages).



I downloaded the certificate file and added it to the "List of known certificates" under the "SSL/TLS" section, and tried the same with the URL (but to no avail).


Is there any way I can solve this problem from my end?


Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.


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