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ESET Endpoint Security 5 Not Update Any More


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Hi Dears,

We have some legacy system with XP SP2 with Endpoint Security 5.0.2272.7

it's about many week that it can not update with any ESET Business User/Pass. it show User/Pass Error.

It seems that there is a problem in ESET update Servers for ver 5.0




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25 minutes ago, Marcos said:

ESET Endpoint v5 went EOL in Dec 2020 according to https://support.eset.com/en/kb3592.

Updates for EOL versions were stopped. Is it a bigger customer who plans to upgrade the OS to a support one in the near future?


Thank you  @Marcos for your -as usual - rapid reply , these are industrial system that can not be upgrade to win 7 or 10 ,

if they upgrade to XP Sp3 , V6.5 will be installed but it has a red alert now that can not be disable from console.

Any Solution or advice for these cases ?


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On Windows XP you can still install Endpoint 6.5 which will continue to get basic module updates until the end of 2022. Afterwards there will be the possibility to purchase extended support in specific cases. The wording of the notification will change soon to reflect this.

Please keep in mind that Microsoft ended support for Windows XP already in 2014.

Legacy versions give a false sense of security since they can't protect against new threats effectively.

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