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How to setup Polkast rules in ESET

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Problem is pretty simple, but the recommended solution didn't work.


I am using a file sharing app on my iPad and iPhone that is called Polkast which works great when I disable Eset protection temporarily.


I have the eset software in "Automatic Filtering with Exceptions"....and have enabled uPNP in the trusted zone... hxxp://screencast.com/t/crfjtSbgQw5 however it may not be considered trusted because my wireless devices are on a different port on my router, but they are on the same network though. I need to let port 19500 pass, but it doesn't look like eset is going to let me.


Anyone have a clue on how to make it work?.



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By "disable Eset protection temporarily", you meant disabling personal firewall via gui? If so, try the following:

- clear the firewall log

- enable logging of blocked connections in the IDS setup

- reproduce the problem

- post the firewall log here

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