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Excessively large MySQL file - loaded_modules.ibd

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In the EEI console, our estimated DB size is 23GBs. In reality it is over 1TB in size and we're retaining low-level data for only a week and detections for only 2 weeks. Overall we're storing 'most important data'.

The majority of the space is taken up by a single file: loaded_modules.ibd.

This causes the DB to take quite a while to start up after reboots, which in turn causes the EEI server service to hang when starting, waiting for the DB to start up. I've set the EEI server service to 'delayed start', but it's still not a long enough delay.

Of course, the biggest issue is the amount of space taken up. We'd like to have more retention, but can't given this file usage.

Are there any options to get this file to a more manageable size? We do have a case open (# 00260978). But haven't gotten any help in the last 3-4 weeks.


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On 1/25/2022 at 2:16 PM, JamesR said:


I am working to get someone to reach out to you ASAP on this open case.

@JamesR Hi James, I was contacted on 01/30 to schedule a callback, which never happened. I got notice just now that the case was closed. I have no idea why it was closed, as the issue has not been resolved. Nor was there any warning or reason for closure provided.

Is it possible to get this case re-opened?

Thank you.

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