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ESET proxy (web and email) is blocking updates on some M1 and Intel Macs (upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey)


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Hi there,

I know this was raised several times (ie here 

). But we are still having the same issues across some of our Macs (not all of them). Issue persists on Silicon and Intel macs.

Users get the usual popup (below).



When we remotely uninstall ESET Endpoint Security the issue is no more (fortunately MDM is reinstalling software after the update).


Can we get a definitive fix or a guide on how to set web&email policies in the ESET protect to mitigate this issues, please.

Additional info:

- all affected endpoints are running ESET Endpoint Security

- we have tried adding both /Applications/Install macOS Monterey.app and /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Monterey.app to the `Excluded Applications` in the `Protocol Filtering` section of the web&email policy.



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I was unable to find any support tickets with the above message. Couldn't it be that the firewall is blocking a communication and you need to create a permissive rule to allow it? Does temporarily pausing the firewall make a difference?

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The only thing that fixes the above is completely uninstalling Endpoint Security or killing all of its processes (including removing Proxy from the `Network` pref pane).

Since software update process on Mac uses port 443 for all of its operations, we suspect it might have a problem with the local eset proxy (possibly with its cert).


And yes, internet access is maintained across the system

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