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TIP: find any computer with a particular program installed


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Inspired by some recent posts here, I figured out how to create dynamic lists of computers with McAfee or Java or anything installed. My RMM does a lousy job of this, so this is *so* helpful. 

One thing that threw me off in the past is that the report is blank right after the creation. You need to wait awhile for it to fill in.

Screenshot 2022-01-24 104300.png

Screenshot 2022-01-24 104041.png

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, @BrianMorris,

A bit of explanation to the reason why it is initially blank. The dynamic group membership is evaluated by Agent. So when you create a new "dynamic group template / dynamic group", it first needs to replicate down to agents, get evaluated, and once this is done, the confirmation = membership is reported back to the server.

Main reason for this is, that dynamic groups can be tight to "automation" tasks, or policy application, so for example if you have a computer that matches a desired condition, a task can be executed / policy applied regardless of the "connectivity status". So Even if the machine is "off the network" and the conditions "happen", whatever you decided in advanced will be applied, without the need to report back to the server. 

Maybe we can do a better job on explaining this behavior directly in the dynamic group wizard, so users will be aware of this behavior "in advanced". I am adding @igi008 so he can take this improvement request from here.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback! 


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Interesting. I think it would be a great idea to just have a little alert when creating the Dynamic Group that it may take "up to x hours/minutes" for matching assets to appear. Also maybe something about the endpoint needing to be online. I was thinking that all of this information is available to view, so it would just pull it from the server, but as you've explained, it doesn't work that way..

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