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Firewall rules for ESET Endpoint Security to protect against ransomware

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Windows 7 Ultimate x64, ESET Endpoint Security 9.0.2032.6.

I tried to create firewall rules according to this article - https://support.eset.com/en/kb6132-configure-firewall-rules-for-eset-endpoint-security-to-protect-against-ransomware
After creating the first five rules on the list, access to the Internet completely disappeared. The firewall blocked all applications from accessing the network in accordance with the rules for wscript.exe and cscript.exe. Previously written and saved HIPS rules according to this article - https://support.eset.com/en/kb6119-configure-hips-rules-for-eset-business-products-to-protect-against-ransomware
There were no problems before the firewall rules were applied. Restarting the computer didn't help.
Tell me, please - what is my mistake? Thank you for your help

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Creating / importing extra HIPS or firewall rules may cause issues especially if you use scripting a lot so you should be able to adjust the rules to prevent issues.

However, the firewall rules in the KB do not block browsers nor network communication completely so I assume that you made a mistake when creating them. You can run the firewall troubleshooting wizard to find out what communication was blocked and allow it by creating the appropriate firewall rule.

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